July 2017 Daylight Learn Workshop

I am very excited to announce the one and only 2016 workshop –  DAYLIGHT-LEARN – Wedding Photography Workshop –  that will be held in Sutton Forest (Southern Highlands) on the 22nd and 23rd of July 2017. DAYLIGHT-LEARN is a workshop that is aimed at photographers who would like to take their wedding photography to the next level. There are 16 spaces available and […]

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Danny & Rachael’s chilled out wedding on their farm.

The Story of Rachael and Dannial Rachael and Dannial first met at the Gaslight Inn in Sydney. Even from the first moment they saw each other Dannial had a feeling in his heart he already knew her. Dannial found Rachael so intriguing he couldn’t resist introducing himself to her. When they first met Dannial told […]

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Jono + Felicity’s Engagement Story

I recently photographed Felicity and Jono shortly after they got engaged. This lovely couple met when they were just 17 at a Christian leadership camp. Their love and friendship started to blossom when they went on trip to Fiji together as part of their gap year between school and university. Apparently Jono’s iPod broke whilst […]

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Shaun + Desrae’s Wedding

The Story of Desrae and Shaun In March this year I had the pleasure of photographing Desrae and Shaun’s wedding. My friendship with this couple began and is nurtured by our mutual love of photography. In the past Desrae has attended two of my photography workshops and she even worked as a second shooter with […]

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The Daylight Learn Workshop Recap!

I taught the latest of my Daylight Learn workshop series at Montrose Berry Farm over the weekend. Already, the beautiful notes have started coming in from the participants. I seriously had the best time with these guys, so i’m stoked to hear they seemed to enjoy themselves too! Here’s a few words from some of […]

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Jess & Drew’s Hunter Valley Wedding

  The Story of Jess & Drew I was lucky enough to be the photographer at Jess and Drew’s recent wedding. They are such an amazing couple, and I thought I would share their story with you all. Jess and Drew met when they were just 15 years old. They were friends for several years […]

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Fujifilm X-T2

I remember coming home most days to see my dad sitting in front of the TV, watching the bold and the beautiful while flipping through the latest issue of the B&H Catalogue. The catalogue was filled with hundreds of cameras, lenses, accessories and basically was designed to slowly convince you that you needed the latest Minolta APO-G […]

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Lauren + Mat’s Mali Brae Farm Southern Highlands Wedding

Mat and Lauren are legends. Motorsport journalist, DIY master and professional beardsman meets Occupational Therapist, fence hopper and bride extraordinaire. Mali Brae Farm was killing it on the aesthetics, and offered crazy golden fields, isolated trees and an epic sunset. I’ll always be a country wedding photographer at heart, so this Southern Highlands wedding really got me. 83 […]

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83 *easy* steps to becoming a wedding photographer

Not a day goes by without me receiving some sort of message asking me how to become a wedding photographer. So, I thought i’d break it down to 83 *easy* steps to becoming a wedding photographer. Grow up with a dad who has really fancy cameras. Come home from school to see him going through […]

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The first half of 2016

I received an Instagram message a few days ago from a photographer asking me what I do to advertise my business and what i’ve found has worked the best. I’ve been photographing weddings for 13 years now and have noticed that the only thing that really works is creating images that you and your clients love […]

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