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“Hey, come outside, the light is really cool out front. Could you stand there for me? Reckon you could sort of twist the veil around in the air above your head and then quickly put your hand back down?”. “Sure”.

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Light Leak #3 + a bit of a rant too…

Please forgive me in advance for this rant. I hope someone somewhere gets something out of this. Otherwise I’ve totally just wasted 15 minutes that could have been spent cuddling with my stunner of a wife. When I first started, I found it really tough to learn. Firstly because I figured if people were hiring […]

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Dancing with James Day.

A couple of months ago I was in Michael Miziner & Rachel Finch‘s dance studio in Alexandria named Dance Planet. The Channel 7 show “Sydney Weekender” that is on saturday afternoon’s at 5:30pm were also there recording a clip at the dance studio. I was there with a few friends, Michael, Jane & Cassie (I […]

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Back on deck.

The roadtrip is over. We’re back in Sydney and the weather is absolutely miserable and I have a wedding tomorrow! With all the people I photographed on my “holiday”, I now have a record number of images to edit. Luckily, I’m loving the editing side more than ever and I can thank my friend Daniel […]

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Light Leak # 2 (Kimberley Louise Jordan)

Last night we reached our furthermost Northern point on our Roadtrip. Bundaberg. I’ve drunk nothing but Bundaberg labelled soft drinks since I’ve got here. Our good friends Pete & Toni had a baby, Kimberley Louise Jordan just over a week ago and we were here in perfect timing to capture the essence of their beautiful […]

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Light Leak # 1

I’m going to start calling my sneak peak’s “Light Leaks”. Here’s the first. It’s from Lauren & Dimitri’s Wedding in Sydney last weekend. What do you think? P.S. I’m currently in Noosa. It’s nice here. I think I might move here one day. If I ever go missing, look for me at the Sheraton in […]

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Watch me. (Lydia Cole & I spent a day together)

“I made this” I don’t think you know what that means to me. I was born to create and born to share what I create. I think some of you may think of me as a business man, a photography business or perhaps you have no idea who I am at all. I’m 26, yet […]

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Byron Bay

Mr B. Bay needed his own blog post. What a magical place. I’m here right now. I don’t think i’ll ever want to leave. Someone please bring me back here. A wedding perhaps? James. (off to Kingscliff tomorrow!)

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Roadtrip Baby! (Updating every day!)

Not a day goes by without being asked to do some sort of portrait shoot somewhere…99% of the time I just can’t can’t get there. Well, I may have something here to help! Between the 5th of July and the 22nd of July, I’m going to be on the road with my lovely wife Catherine! […]

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