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Elyse & Scott’s Country Wedding (Light Leak)

Looking at these 13 photos, it just can’t convey the celebration of love that was Elyse & Scott’s wedding day. For full impact, you’ll need to see the whole thing. If Scott & Elyse say it’s ok, I’ll share with you the slideshow when it’s ready. For now though, this will have to do.

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I’m staying at my mum’s place for a few days after photographing Elyse & Scott’s wedding yesterday. It’s ┬áIt’s really nice out here. Mum just made me curried chicken and rice and I can see the last sliver of light sitting above the mountains as I look out the window. I’m a country boy at […]

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Belinda & Jake (light leak)

I’ve started to notice a bit of a trend. My clients seem to consistently be: 1. Romantic. I’m so glad for this. After all, what I love doing is photographing people in Love. 2. Know how to party. It makes my job just plain good fun. 3. They don’t just hold detail-fests, they plan awesome […]

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Katherine & John’s Wedding (light leak)

Two people who are very much in love were married on saturday. I was there as the photographer, as a friend, as a supporter and as a storyteller. They were married in Narrabri which is in the middle of nowhere. Kat & John, you are awesome and you will do amazing things together. Can’t wait […]

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Winnie & Matt’s Wedding in Bali (light leak)

Remember THE wedding where I went for THAT swim? That really was such a small part of what was an awesome day that was Matt & Winnie’s Wedding in Uluwatu, Bali. I’ll be posting more soon, but for now, here are a few of my images from THAT day. You might notice some of these […]

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