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2011. I’d put 2011 down as one of the most fun years of my life. It wasn’t a huge year of changes, but a year where I could just take some time to do what I love doing. It wasn’t that eventful, but I achieved a lot. Last year was huge, I mean, I relocated […]

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Ever since I was a young kid, I dreamt of being a photographer. I didn’t know exactly what kind of photography I wanted to do, but It was made pretty evident to me that it would involve faces somehow. I remember when dad used to take me with him on his overseas work trips (my […]

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Charles Barkley.

I remember when I was a young kid obsessed with Basketball. I actually had a basketball hoop cemented into the ground at the side of the house. In the afternoons at 4:30pm, my dad would sit in his favourite Chiswell Green Leather Chair and enjoy his favourite tv show, “the bold and the beautiful” while […]

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Winner winner chicken dinner. ***winners already drawn***

*WINNERS ALREADY DRAWN* Thanks to all who entered and stoked for the people that won! 🙂 This is a bit of a nothing post. I just wanted to quickly post here (as well as on my Facebook page) to just let people know of a bit of an opportunity. No doubt I have a few […]

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