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Jason & Rebecca

It was so nice to photograph a couple of beautiful people who are already married and capture how much they love each other now. This great Australian couple has some big gigs coming up so we needed to take some shots they can use in the media (for their television work) + highlight some of […]

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Josh + Camilla (light leak)

I’ve always felt like I’ve had fortune on my side. Things generally seem to go my way. I’ve always wondered why it is that I’ve had so much favour over my life? I seem to be always in the right place at the right time. I was very fortunate to be the photographer for Josh […]

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At the time of typing this, I am going to be 26 for another 1 hour and 39 minutes. Tomorrow I turn 27 on the 27th. I feel like this year is going to be a year for me to start really taking control over my life. Stop worrying about what others might say, where […]

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Film is Not Dead.

Tomorrow morning at about 5:30am I’m going to be jumping in the car & venturing to a tiny little place just north of canberra for a workshop that’s going to teach me more about film. When I tell people this, they instantly think of video, or movies… when I say Film, I still mean still […]

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A couple of months ago, after photographing a wedding in Armidale, I realised that I felt like death after coming home. I had absolutely no energy for a couple of days and my body ached like never before. I give my all when I photograph, and I go till I’m spent. In the few days […]

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Right now it’s 1:00am. I’m the guy who doesn’t stay up that late, so that I can get up early and get some exercise in. This morning I ran up some sand hills. This evening, I found myself perched on the edge of a cliff, with Michael & Marina for their engagement shoot. I joked […]

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Cheers to you.

  If I’ve photographed your wedding, or if I’m about to photograph your wedding, here’s a cheers to you. It’s you guys who have made my dream of becoming a photographer a reality. So far, I’ve photographed somewhere in the vicinity of 300-350 weddings and I’ve grown as a photographer at each and every one […]

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Holly Kagis

As a wedding photographer, I know that a huge part of my job is working with women to feel, and look beautiful, hence why I knew it wasn’t out of my expertise to photograph some images for well known model Holly Kagis for her portfolio. We shot for about 40 minutes and achieved some really […]

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My boss at the print lab I worked at when I was a kid used to pronounce film, “fillum”. It’s kinda stuck with me. At that same lab I’d print photos, cut negs and enjoy looking through thousands of photos every day. Some of the things I saw were pretty crazy. Nudey photos galore. This […]

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