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Look after her.

When my dad passed away when I was 14 and my sister was to be married a couple of months after, It was now up to me to walk my sister down the aisle. I remember the emotion I had when I walked her up the aisle, knowing that I was just a boy, trying […]

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Vanessa & Dave

Just 2 days ago I photographed these images for Vanessa & Dave in Sydney. They had a wedding that was full of romance, elegance and fun. The wedding was held at York Street Anglican church, which is the oldest parish in Australia and the reception at Etch restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney. I’m […]

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What I’m looking for.

I love what I do. I truly do. I spend time with people, discovering what makes them unique, I watch, I listen, I interact, I ask a billion questions, I tell stories, I listen to other peoples stories, and I document what it is that I experience. I live in Sydney these days, and people […]

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Josh + Camilla (the whole shebang)

At Josh & Camilla’s wedding just south of Melbourne in Red Hill, I shot a mix of film (contax 645 and portra 400) and digital. Yet, what camera I used is so unimportant. It was one of those days where I was just so glad I had a camera and was able to document what […]

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Big Fillum!

Last week I was in Canberra for a workshop called Film is not dead run by Jonathan Canlas who is pretty much “the man” when it comes to shooting film. I shot a few rolls of 35mm film before I went to the workshop as I thought I should get back into it a little […]

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