Fujifilm X-T2

I remember coming home most days to see my dad sitting in front of the TV, watching the bold and the beautiful while flipping through the latest issue of the B&H Catalogue. The catalogue was filled with hundreds of cameras, lenses, accessories and basically was designed to slowly convince you that you needed the latest Minolta APO-G Lenses, at least that’s what happened to my dad.

I remember picking out my first camera in that catalogue. We then went to visit Photo Continental in Brisbane to sus it out. Then I had to wait most of the year before dad would finally buy it for me for Christmas. This camera was a Minolta Vectis 40. It cost around $600 at the time from memory. These days, they’re going for $23.03 on eBay.

Anyway, this started my love affair for new gear. The reason I loved the Vectis 40, was because it had a new system called Advantix, which was the latest, greatest way of shooting film at the time. It gave you lots of different cropping options and made shooting film fun again.

These days I’m a total gear hound. I have cupboards filled with random gear. Stuff I use regularly, stuff that’s there for a rainy day and stuff that I just should never have purchased.

A couple of years ago I purchased the latest greatest Fujifilm X-T1. I remember the anticipation and excitement when I heard rumours about this camera. It was going to revolutionise the way I shot. In the end, I think it did. It wasn’t perfect though. The ISO was acceptable up to about 1600 in my eyes, the focus speed was fine in the day time but at night, it really struggled as you’d expect. There was only 1 SD card slot…the list goes on. The list of awesome new things however, that was what I was excited about. The most advanced electronic view finder, lightweight design, fujifilm colours, focus speed in good light and the tilting screen.. it all added up to being one awesome camera.

Then a few months ago I received a call to say, “Hey James, would you like for your name to be put forward for receiving a pre production unit of a new top secret camera.”  Um, yes.

A short time later an unmarked box arrived. It had no instructions and the camera had no branding visible. I had to figure this one out for myself. I knew it was a pre production model, and I knew that this meant that it wasn’t a finished product. There were a few teething problems… I took it to Cath’s soccer game and it just refused to take even 1 photo. A few firmware updates on and I had myself what was looking to be an absolute game changer. It was everything I loved about the Fujifilm X-T1, yet with 90% of the issues fixed.

Is it the perfect camera? No. Is there such thing as the perfect camera? No. My thoughts have changed a lot on this more recently. I was looking for 1 camera to rule them all… and what I’ve realised is that your camera bag is filled with a set of tools. Already, the X-T2 has become one of the tools that I just couldn’t live without.

I still have questions left to be answered…how will the AF performance at night be? I haven’t really put it through it’s paces yet, but I plan to very soon. The wonderful thing about Fujifilm is that they’re constantly updating the firmware of their cameras, which means that things that might be a hurdle now, they’re working on so that you don’t just need to buy a new camera to fix the problem… they will simply update the firmware, which kinda makes it feel like you’re upgrading your camera every few months!


Let me tell you about a few of my favourite things that have changed from the X-T1 to the X-T2.

Dual Card Slots! Having an automatic back up of your images is so valuable to me as I don’t get a second chance at shooting the same images.

11 frames per second shooting with the optional battery grip.

The ability to have 3 batteries powering the camera, which means that you don’t need to change the battery every 300 shots.


When would I use the Fujifilm X-T2?

1. When I want to be discreet. It’s smaller form factor is one of it’s key features.

2. When I want to shoot wide open in bright sunny conditions. You can shoot up to 1/32000th of a second! That’s insane.

3. When I’m travelling anywhere whatsoever. This is the perfect camera to be by my side no matter where I go.

4. When I’m “not allowed” to take photos in a ceremony or when you any noise might cause a distraction. The shutter can be completely 100% silent so you’ll go right under the radar.

5. When I want to shoot 4k Video!

Let me show you in pictures why I love the Fuji X-T2.





This is my friend Grace Pitts.





That’s Maxim Drygin in the USA with me last week. Maxim is an incredible film maker.







My youngest nephew Alex ^^^

DSCF2468 2

That’s my mum ^^^


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