Second Shooters.

There’s 2 things in life that are certain, death & taxes. The other thing for a wedding photographer is receiving emails and phone calls from other people interesting in photography asking if they can learn from you.

Anyone that knows me would know that I am so keen to help. I was born to help. I’ll help like crazy.  The people close to me know that I am available to them at any time and would do anything for them. I find it really hard to say no.

I’m slowly learning how to say no. Sloooowwwwly.

I love having people come along with the intention of taking away lots of information/techniques that they can try. I’ve photographed about 300 weddings and 1000 portrait shoots and I’ve learnt a thing or two. If I were able to have everyone who contacted me come along to a wedding with me, I’d be shooting about 300 a year. 30-40 weddings per year are enough!

I’ve been very blessed to have people help me. I was trained by the guy who I consider to be Australia’s best, I have learnt from the worlds best and continually strive to deliver the best that I know how. I am forever learning.

I don’t know everything. I probably know very little. I can just speak from the experience that I have. I’m happy to share that.

I wouldn’t just take anyone along to every wedding and I like to screen the people who join me. I want to make sure that they will in some way add to the day, their personalities will fit with the people I will be photographing for and that they know the rules for shooting with me.

Back in around 2007/2008 I decided that i’d put a price on coming to a wedding. Some people thought it was pretty cheeky (and it probably was/is), but the people who came along all told me how much they enjoyed it and learnt from it and most came along more than once.  I made sure that people got their moneys worth, but that the cost wasn’t ridiculous. I charged $350 for people to join me and to have a chat about their pricing/marketing strategy/photoshop.

I’m going to do it again. It’s not because I need the money. It’s to separate the men from the boys. If people really are interested, they will pay.  I’m going to keep the rate at $350.

I’m not really interested in running workshops, nor creating products for photographers. I am interested in looking after my clients, who are every day people that want the kind of wedding photography that I offer. I’m learning that I don’t have the time to spend replying to numerous emails asking for help without that cutting into the time I’d much prefer be spent with my wife.

If you’re interested in being put on a waiting list for this opportunity, email with the subject heading “I want in”.