The Amazing Max.


Many years ago I arrived at a clients home to hand deliver their wedding album. They asked me if I’d like to see their wedding video. I was so keen to see it! We got to the end of the video and this text was displayed for an awkward 3 and a 1/2 minutes while the song played that they danced to.


Since then, I’ve made it my priority to talk to my clients about their videographer options. Video is not something I offer as part of my services. I simply offer the best wedding stills photography that I possibly can and leave the video to the people who do that well.

Someone who does that extraordinarily well is a guy named Maxim Drygin. He’s this crazy russian guy that turned up in my inbox one day when he asked if he might be able to film me photographing a wedding. This is what resulted.

Then Max filmed me on behalf of Fujifilm when I photographed an engagement shoot. Bird sounds and weirdness ensued!

Then on behalf of Fujifilm we had a bit of fun as I photographed a wedding and told a little bit of the story of my own wedding. This film actually won the Gold Award in Documentaries –  2015 NSW & ACT Australian Cinematographers Society Awards. That’s huge!

Then Max wanted to tell the story of a team working together. p.s. I highly recommend the creatives in this shoot. Make up by Megan, Blessed Days and of course those gorgeous Hope & Page gowns that we photographed at one of my favourite venues – Sydney Polo Club

All of this craziness lead us to this. The craziest stunt i’ve ever pulled. Perhaps a world first.. but who knows… or cares…. it was fun!

But… what happened next?

My clients started asking (begging and pleading) for Max to film their weddings and tell their stories in a way that no other videographer could.

I can honestly say that i’ve never seen wedding films like this in my 12 or 13 years of photographing weddings. There’s a distinct lack of cuff-links shots, people walking around aimlessly and staged hugs. It’s so refreshing. It’s the story of 2 kids who fell in love. Plain & Simple.

You need to see this. To my dear clients, you need to beg this guy to film your wedding. He’s a genius. He only takes on around 10 weddings per year, so get in early.