The craziest stunt I have ever pulled.

I knew I had to do something absolutely insane for Michael (Gray) & Jane. With Jane being my wife’s identical twin and Michael being one of Australia’s best wedding photographers… I just had to go all out.

I wanted to surprise Michael & Jane with something that they’d never forget. We also had to deliver this surprise before the end of the wedding day.

This is without doubt the biggest stunt I’ve ever pulled off. I did what everyone else told me would be impossible. I knew with the right team we could make it work.

Thanks to:

RAW Digital & Film Lab​ – They were just down the road editing like crazy all day and well into the night. You guys even managed to deliver all the edited JPEGS to Michael & Jane that night too. Absolutely insane.
FUJIFILM Australia​ – Provided a DX100 printer and all the paper and ink we could ever need. Can I keep it? 😉 Also thank you for creating the Fujifilm X-T1. I love this camera!
SanDisk​ – Helped out with providing SD cards that would be able to keep up as well as the iExpand drives that we were able to deliver all the edited files on.
Photo Mounts & Albums Australia​ – Custom made the nicest damn album you’ve ever seen.
THINK TANK PHOTO​ – For helping keep Tim’s camera gear safe as he flew over.
HoldFast Gear​ – For hooking us up with their Money Maker camera straps.
Pixellu SmartAlbums​ – For creating ridiculously easy to use album designing software that made this possible! Thanks also to Melanie Davis for driving this software for us on the day 🙂

Tim King – Thank you for coming from San Diego to be my side kick and help me pull off this crazy idea. Your energy for life inspires me to do greater things.

& of course… to Max Drygin… aka Big Day Of​…. you are without doubt the most talented story teller I’ve ever met. I’m privileged to know you and have had you help me make this dream a reality. Attention clients of mine – please book this guy to create the moving images at your wedding. We make a great team.

Last but not least… Michael & Jane. Every time we’ve ever had dinner you’ve insisted on paying (including last night). You’ve helped Catherine & I move house, plan our own wedding and many many things that would take me forever to recount… and you’ve never asked for anything in return. This was just a little something to say thank you…


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