This is super.

Photos by my friend Luisa Brimble. P.S. The last photo makes it look like I’m a total alcoholic! Only one of the bottles of cider were mine.

I wish I could tell you where this idea came from, but one day I just woke up and thought, “I want to buy a super 8 camera”. So I did. Then the next day I took it to a wedding and made this.

The camera is from somewhere around 1965 and it makes films that look like this. The iPhone will mimic something similar, but I find it much more exciting to go back to the original and work with that, rather than a knock off of the original.

I didn’t spend longer than a total of 3 minutes the whole day filming this, as photos were still the priority, that’s what they paid me to do. 🙂 This is everything I shot that day.

If you’re a client of mine and you’d like to find out about how we might be able to achieve something similar for you at your wedding, ask away and let’s chat.

Also, a massive thank you to my awesome clients, and this time in particular, RUTH & NICK! You guys let me play, and explore my craft. You let me take risks. You let me have the best job in the world. Thank you!

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